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Author/Novel Spotlight: JR Dickey and Moonlight in Lalibela.

Posted on April 15, 2020 by Peter Younghusband

Post Views: 74 Today, I am spotlighting author, JR Dickey and his novelisation of true events that he was personally involved in, the conversion to Christ of Abdul, the exiled Prime Minister (in exile but still recognized by the Arab world) of the Sudan. This is a powerful story of the power of God and the power of a Christian’s witness. I am unable to review it now but I am so glad I offered to spotlight JR and this novel. I encourage every reader of my blog to consider reading this novel and passing it on. We need testimonies and accounts of His mercy, salvation and redemption now more than ever. Fans of novelist, Joel C. Rosenberg, will gravitate to this novel. I am one of those, hence my interest. Now, what the background to this fictionalised account of Abdul’s conversion? Read on: Moonlight in Lalibela. Again, we were broke, living in a foreign country but singing at outdoor cafes and passing the hat always brought in some extra cash and somehow, it was always enough. Late one night while walking home, we encountered a man who asked me to sing a song that would bring him joy. My song touched his heart and over many months, we became the dearest of friends. He never let on just who he really was, only that he was an author and poet known in the Muslim world. One day, in his absence, one of his associates let slip that he was at the Arab Summit. Upon returning, he told us the whole story of his life from his rise to the position of Prime Minister of Sudan to his exile and to our surprise, his ardent defence of us and our sharing of Christ’s love with him before all the Muslim heads of state. A few months later, God spoke to him in a dream and his own life was changed forever. His conversion was a shock to the Muslim world. The story begins with Abdul imprisoned by a military coup. This rebellion is itself soon overthrown by the Egyptian army and he is released but must go into exile. As he leaves, he begins to get acquainted with a clandestine group of benefactors that use his gifts of communicating and negotiating to develop amazingly effective propaganda persuading the West to marginalize everything Judeo-Christian and empathizing with Islam. He also becomes the driving force, behind the scenes, of a masterful treaty that brings a temporary peace to the Middle East. The group has been growing in power and influence for several decades and is led by a man who ultimately wants to conquer and rule as much as possible in order to destroy the “wretchedness” of the Jews and Christianity. Comprised of very powerful members from Muslim countries, Israel and the Vatican, the Council has developed unimaginable assets in governments, financial and media institutions world-wide. In the course of his Council-sponsored “education”, Abdul chance-encounters a young couple in Athens and over time, develops a close relationship with them. They seek to demonstrate the sincere love of Christ to him which he recognizes is in contrast to the faith he has known. Swept up into the violent manipulations of the Council, Abdul struggles with what he has always thought to be true and discovers along the way that his benefactors are indeed the vilest purveyors of evil. Of course, Israel is in the midst of this as well. A pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran’s own nuclear facilities is a bold move, but unknown to the Israeli government is the traitorous infiltration and subterfuge by members of the Council which ultimately leads to catastrophe. Out of that debacle, emerges two additional protagonists who miraculously connect with Abdul and together, they pave the way for the survival of the nation against all odds. The story ends with hope and sets up the scenarios for the next two books.

Seeing this is based on true events, I want to know more about why he wrote this.      I have written a fictional novel entitled Moonlight in Lalibela that is similar in some respects to those written by Joel C. Rosenberg.  Those who are interested in thrilling, well-researched stories focused on world events will enjoy it.  Using a real-life personal experience of leading the exiled former Prime Minister of Sudan to faith in Christ, I have dramatized it to include his work with the Arab League, the UN and the EU to create an interest-grabbing first part of a trilogy encompassing the rise to power of a masterful leader of the world-dominating, greatly expanded EU/Arab League coalition.  The second and third parts will focus on a military invasion of Israel by an overwhelming coalition of forces and then the formation and enforcement of a world unifying spiritual movement.

Moonlight in Lalibela interview, with Cristina from the blog, Medium. Cristina: Please share what you can about the fascinating and powerful story behind this book! JReed: I’ll try not to share too many details that are in the book. It started when Darlene, my wife, and I both became Christians at almost the same time but at opposite ends of the US. About a year later, we met in Puerto Rico and after getting married, decided to follow the Lord’s leading to Europe. Our motivation was to share the Gospel and we did so in Spain, France, Germany and in Greece. We worked in translations which paid very little so to make ends meet, I sang in coffee shops and outdoor cafes. One night in Athens, as we were returning home, we met Abdul and his ‘associates’, just as in the story and immediately became friends. He shared his story with us gradually – again, just as in Moonlight. He had such a hunger for sincere love and answers to many questions that tugged at his heart. Over several months, as we got closer, he slowed on his sharing about Islam and began to ask us more and more about what we thought and what the Bible had to say. He pondered carefully what we shared each time and eventually, he only wanted to know about Christ. Four to five months after we met, he missed our regular time of fellowship and one of his security team let slip that he was at the Arab Summit. Now, up to that time, he had only told us that he was a well-known writer and poet, so we were surprised to learn that he was also the Prime Minister (in exile but still recognized by the Arab world) of the Sudan. When he returned to Athens, he explained his turbulent history and rise to power (as in Moonlight) and was anxious to tell us that he had stood up at the Summit and told all the heads of state that Ghadafi (who’d just finished ranting) was wrong about the West and Christianity and that he had met people who gave him great clarity concerning the same. This, of course, shocked everyone but he was absolutely enthusiastic. A few weeks later, he had a series of poignant dreams about us and then about Christ which ultimately led him to get saved. It was a tremendous transformation and he was indeed, a ‘new creature’. A month or so later, the Sudanese government declared an amnesty and invited him to return which he did and was reunited with his wife and children. In a short time, however, he was dead. We suspected foul-play.

Why do you think there has been so much religious conflict in the world? Is there a solution to create a more peaceful society? It is sad that so much conflict is fueled by religious bigotry and hatred. The religious elite of Judah hated the new Christians and severely persecuted them. Mohammed instituted the death or conversion approached not long after the Jews spurned his initial attempts to persuade them and Islam was spread by the sword. The misguided Christian kings and pontiffs of the Crusades era returned to the Middle East and Spain with angry revenge. On and on it goes now. All that though is only what we ‘see with the eye’. What drives this, however, is the on-going conflict in the ‘unseen’ world. You see, evil is very real, not a ‘psychological construct.’ The Devil and his kind are real, not simply Hollywood fantasies. And it is his ambition to oppose and destroy anyone and anything tied to Christ. Fundamentally, he seeks to destroy mankind. For him, stirring up religious strife is simply a means to an end. Of course, people are very accountable. It is too easy for some to justify hate and violence based on their twisted perceptions of God and others. Christians are especially accountable because we know what Christ lived and taught. He was adamant that He was the only way to have a relationship with God, but He never forced that truth on anyone, and He demonstrated love and forgiveness to everyone. As long as Satan exists together with his deceptions and violence, there will be no true or lasting peace in this world – not even with one world religion and/or one world government. Each person can and should pursue peace with God through Christ and with each other in the same way. The more we manifest the loving and forgiving nature of our Lord, the more peace we will witness.

Do you think that religion is driving the conflicts in the Middle East, or is it moreover secular reasons such as conflict over resources? I’d say it is clearly both. It is the nature of religion to bring bias and condescension. In addition, the Middle East is flush with energy resources and hard-pressed for water. Wealth distribution is also very narrow. This helps make the area a powder keg.

Why did you choose to fictionalize this story? Simply to make it engaging and suspenseful. I have dramatized it to amplify Abdul’s work with the Arab League, the UN and the EU to create an interest-grabbing first part of a trilogy encompassing the rise to power of a masterful leader of the world-dominating, greatly expanded EU/Arab League coalition. The second and third parts will focus on a military invasion of Israel by an overwhelming coalition of forces and then the formation and enforcement of a world unifying spiritual movement.

Who’s your intended audience and what do you hope people take away from your book? I’m hoping that those who are interested in thrilling, well researched stories focused on world events will enjoy it. If their take-away is appreciating the effect a single Christ-changed life can have on our world, I will be satisfied.

Want to see more of JR’s ministry and writing world? Check out his social media platforms:

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