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Moonlight in Lalibela


Fire Eyes


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Moonlight in Lalibela

Fellowship in Faith New Cover.jpg

Fellowship in Faith

Artistry of the Almighty

Life and Lessons from the Gospel of John

The Name - Knowing the Divine


Things Above V1.jpg

Things Above

Volume One

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Fire Eyes 

A Commentary on the Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Things Above

Volume Two

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Okay, so what makes me 'tick' and what are some of the things I’ve done.  I'll keep it simple cause I am.


Most importantly, I’m sincere in my faith in Jesus Christ.  I love Him with all my heart.

That faith and love has moved me to live, work and minister in 32 countries so far.  

I dabble in art as well as writing. Here’s the link to my portfolio.

I have a fantastic wife and wonderful children and grandchildren both in heaven and on earth.

My writings and artwork have been downloaded in over 130 countries.

My weaknesses are good wine, crusty bread, Chilean Sea Bass, smooth jazz and amazing hikes.

That’s about it.  I hope you like the books.



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